同時にDJ/ターンテーブリストとのユニット「REBEL BEATZ」を結成し東海地方を中心に活動。

2009年、自身のビートのみをMixしたアルバム「The World Ruler」を発表。
2013年、ハンドメイドのビート集「REBEL BEATZ EP」を発表。
2014年、”ANTIDOTE CONCILIUM”とのコラボレーション作品「Amalgames」を発表。

同プロジェクトの主催イベント”ANTIDOTE NOCTEM”全国ツアーにてDJセットやライブを展開。

Deep and full of feelings heavy beats conductor, Daddy Veda music bring you in a deep world
where your can imagine the psychedelic images of the scenes. Mainly based on betas, bass
and Dubwise, Daddy Veda keeps extending his world with adding lots of different music technics.

Moving a lot since his childhood, Daddy Veda grew up astride Kanagawa and Shizuoka

His musical career start in the 90'as a guitarist in a hardcore band then he quickly moved to
DAW beat making that he discovered while he was making the demo tapes of the band
In 2003 he moved to Nagoya where he started performing machine lives one year later and formed
a unit called "Rebel Beatz" made of one beatmaker one DJ and one turntablist with who he performed all around the Tokai area.

In 2007 back in Tokyo he work on his solo play and productions for MCs.
In 2009 he released his first beat album "World Ruler" from the label Nico Studio.

After the release of the ep "Rebel Beatz" in 2013, he collaborate with Alex to build up the
art project "Antidote Concilium".

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